Bartłomiej Stępień

Hello and welcome on my website!
I am a software developer with passion for Java and Angular.


I love what I do. Working as a software developer is giving me a lot of pleasure.

I am always trying to be rigorous in things that I am doing.


Family is the most important thing for me no matter what. I feel better when I have my loved ones near me. The question is, who doesn't?

I am always trying to treat my coworkers like my family. Better contact and understanding with each other improves teamwork and thus productivity.


One of my absolutely most important things is being positive. Having fun at work has a big impact on how we feel about it and helps us to be more productive.

I am also a big fan of Drum & Bass and Chill-hop music genres. Listening them while working boosts up my work velocity.

What I do

I am a software developer who is currently working with and Java.

Actively developing stuff for games like Minecraft, ArmA and also developing Discord bots.


BNP Paribas Bank Polska

Work as a backend developer in polish group of french bank BNP Paribas. I was developing backend part for BNP Paribas mobile app GOMobile.

Tech stack: Spring Framework, Java, Microservices, Docker, SQL.


Work as a software developer in polish insurance company. Under work in a Scrum Agile team, I was improving PZU's life and property claim system.

Tech stack: Spring Framework, Java, Angular and SQL.


Work as a software developer in swedish insurance company. I was working on a document handling web-system.

Tech stack: Play Framework, Java, Javascript and Elasticsearch.


Work as a consultant in software developing. I was building a ASP.NET MVC Website, creating an Ionic App and working on a invoicesystem build in WPF.

Tech stack: .NET, C#, SQL

Open-Source Projects

I have also many open-source projects that I am working on during my free time. Minecraft Sponge plugins, Discord bots are few of them.

Tech stack: .NET, Java, Angular, SQL and more...

Check my Github to learn more.

Game Projects

I am author of a city-building game project called DrzewicaCraft.

It is a recreation of a polish town Drzewica in popular computer game Minecraft.

Get in touch

If you would like to contact me then feel free to do it via LinkedIn or mail.